When I think about my Personal Philosophy of Music Education, the first thought in my mind is, “what do I want my students to take away from my music lessons?” I will consider the background my future students will be coming from and the opportunities that they may or may not have had in the past concerning music in their lives. I strongly believe that music should bring with it experiences for absolutely every child regardless of their ethnicity, economic background, special needs etc. I also believe it is important for the teacher of music to provide opportunities for musical experience outside of what a child would experience on their own.

It is the responsibility of the music teacher to enable students to appreciate, understand, and participate in music to help them achieve an outlet for creativity and expression. I believe the teacher is also responsible for providing a supportive environment in which children can feel comfortable to express themselves through music, and develop their own musical skills alongside other uplifting peers. If a teacher is to present a quality music program then he must have a philosophy and goals such as these to guide Students’ achievements to the highest levels possible.
Music is an invariant. It has been present in all cultures, at all times, and throughout the known historical development of the human species, facilitating emotional, physical, and social expression. Music satisfies the human need for aesthetic enjoyment, provides for communication of cultural ideals, integrates, and acculturates. It serves as both a reflection of, and a catalyst for sociological and technological growth. Music is both art and science. As an art, it manifests itself as the result of a creative process and of performance skill, in both cases requiring practice and refinement. As a science, its manipulation is subject both to physical laws and to theoretical structure. Innovations of musical performance result from and contribute to broader innovations. Musical function can be as much utilitarian as emotional.