Friends that know me, know that I view music as a form of therapy. “My Music” has been a source of comfort, peace and centering in my life. I seem to see things differently. Singing, piano and organ are like breathing to me. And here in the reason why – “It saved me. It was my shelter.”

There is a symbiotic relationship when I sit at the piano or organ.

My first piano was purchased with that last of my father’s death benefits. My mother said that in the beginning I would sit, transfixed for hours, at the piano. It was a 10 year old’s way of dealing with loss. As I grew older my love for the piano grew and then I added singing lessons. At that moment a voiceless child, one that wanted to be heard but never was in reality, was finally front and center. After that, my love for all things music increased 100 fold. Years later, I began to teach. Now I want to pass on my love of music to the next generation. To help them find their way, help them find their voice.

Two Teachers

People have often asked me why I do what i do. It is simple. I had two incredible teachers in my life: Mrs. Leah Rollins & Mr. Harvey McClure. They saw what others could not. They reached where others could not. They instilled in me a lifelong love for music. These two people were instrumental in saving me. With their encouragement I have gone on to sing concerts throughout the world, perform in operas, play music for church and support my family.

When I make a difference in one child’s life, I give honor to my two teachers.