Recently I was asked, “Why creativity? Why teach that?” and “What is your idea of music?” I don’t think they were ready for what I had to tell them but here is my reply.

Creativity to me is the release of my inner being. I am no longer trapped by earthly bonds. Through the creativity that music offers me, I transcend. I am reminded of Ronald Regan’s speech after the space shuttle disaster when at the last moments of the speech he stated, “’slipped the surly bonds of earth’ to ‘touch the face of God. I know that that sounds a little hokey but when you are free to create something of beauty you quickly zone out of the here and now and once you are through you feel like you indeed have come close to your creator. It is also one of the hardest things that I have had to do. That first step is the hardest one and I had no one to help me through that. Through my teaching I want to help my students with their transformation into the ethereal.

“What is music?” This one is easy. It is my very life force. It is my parent, my lover, my confidant and my protector. To me it is a living breath entity that helps me cope with the daily grind of this life. It is all around us as well as in us. It takes many forms just like water and its power is just as awesome. Its beauty is timeless and without it we would surely die. We are living breathing musical instruments to the beating of our hearts to the sound of our gait. I know the clinical definition, but music is more than what Webster has coined in a book. When I sing my music I am free. St. Augustine said, “Those who sing pray twice.” I believe that with all my heart. Some of the most profound moments of my life have been while I was singing. The greatest joy of my professional career is to have a student experience music the way that I have. That is for him/her to tap into that universal power source and feel the euphoric emotions. Then my teaching career will not be in vain.