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My Story

James Anglin

James Anglin is an accomplished musician, vocal coach & music teacher serving the Gulf Coast of Mississippi.

I am thrilled to be currently working on my Doctorate degree in Vocal Performance at the University of South Mississippi, but I am equally as thrilled to be a music teacher. On this page you will find information about my education, work history, activities and awards, skills and a performance roster. There is also every method to contact me below.

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Who wants to live forever?

Who wants to live forever?

Teaching a student how to express themselves through music is an astonishing experience. You as the instructor and mentor, give them the tools that they need and then let them loose to explore. What they create is really quite remarkable.

My views on Music Education

My views on Music Education

When I was in school for my Masters degree in Music Education our professor wanted to know our view points on music education and why it was necessary. We are much more that teacher. We are mentors that are leading out students through this wonderful world of music. We are their example on what to do and how to do it.

“Don’t ask unless you really want to know!”

“Don’t ask unless you really want to know!”

Recently, I have had people ask me why do I want to teach creativity and music. My response was, “Why wouldn’t I?” So, I thought about my response and this is what I told them. Music to me is a life force that you tap into.

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